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How Isentia provided a way for McDonald’s to connect with fans using micro-influencers

McDonalds Singapore Micro Influence Study

The challenge

As brands are jumping into the bandwagon of engaging influencers to garner more sales through awareness, McDonald’s needed to identify micro-influencers and measure their effectiveness vs their current pool of influencers for the launch of McDonald’s Signature Collection and Prosperity Burger and Lohei Bundle. To gain access to this untapped pool of influencers, Isentia utilized a unique data-backed methodology to identify micro-influencers by using a mix of metrics such as reach, resonance, reaction and relevance.

Our approach

Isentia worked to build a fresh set of influencers for the ‘relaunch’, attracting young affluent adults who may not have dined at McDonald’s in recent years and reignite fond childhood memories of those McDonald’s customer. Isentia delivered the report in 3 parts:
• Pre-campaign of identifying influencers from different tiers across multiple platforms based on the 4 ‘R’s (Resonance, Reach, Reaction and Relevance)
• Deep dive into the profile of selected micro-influencers
• Post-campaign of measuring broader social metrix that will contribute to overall brand equity, awareness and brand recall that will attribute to Key Performance Indicator, in this case, sales.


Is it worth using micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are even more important as compared to influencers is due to the fact that they post a lot more personal daily content and therefore, audience perceived as more personable.

Isentia provided insights on social media influencers that enabled us to tailor our social campaigns more effectively. Their clever use of micro influencers gave us the opportunity to connect with our fans more meaningfully.
McDonalds Singapore

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