Case Study

The case against fake Muslim prayer robes in Malaysia

Muslim women fashion is booming in Malaysia.

As a result, some Muslimah (Muslim women) are adopting branded prayer robes, or telekung, as part of their lifestyle.

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The challenge

While the trend for lifestyle telekung has spurred the creation of various premium telekung brands,  it has also led to counterfeit brands entering the market.

Premium telekung brand, Telekung Siti Khadijah (TSK), engaged Isentia to help them better understand their audience, stand out from counterfeit products, communicate their brand value and differentiate themselves from competition from both established and counterfeit players.

To fight counterfeits and stay ahead of the competition, TSK collaborated with Isentia to find out:

  • What makes consumers prefer one brand’s prayer robe over another
  • What drives the purchase of counterfeit robes over established brands
  • Where does TSK stand in the market
  • How TSK should communicate its brand value to its target audience and which channels are most effective for TSK to use?

We designed an integrated research approach that included social media analysis and market research in order to help TSK create a series of programmes to promote brand loyalty and mitigate any desire for knock-offs.

Our approach

It was important for both TSK and Isentia to understand current consumer attitudes and purchasing behaviour towards genuine and fake prayer robes. The analysis had to give TSK confidence in the resulting recommendations and the communication strategy.

To this end, we split the research project into three phases, employing an integrated methodology. Each phase of the project would combine technology (media monitoring and social listening platforms to collect content) and human insight.

Phase 1: ‘What’s existing’ Insights mining from media coverage
Phase 2: ‘’What’s being vocalised’ Social media analytics and qualitative deep dive
Phase 3: ‘What’s on their mind’ Market research including surveys across urban and rural areas

With a combination of these three phases, we uncovered in-depth insights on telekung industry movements, triggers and barriers to counterfeit products and future communications for TSK.


Connecting TSK to the values identified in the research and the motivations that inform the premium purchase against all others.

Key findings

  • Muslim women in Malaysia want to balance fashion with their core values.
  • Consumers cannot differentiate between real or fake prayer robes, instead make decisions based on the feel of the prayer robe on their skin.
  • Both the social media analysis and the market research indicated that prayer robes are given as gifts almost as often as they are bought for an individual.

The research showed that there was a need to create sustained marketing programmes that focused on building brand loyalty, and the cultural value associated with the choice of the TSK brand. This brand connection would encourage a desire to not purchase counterfeit products and to understand the heritage and cultural contribution of the company.

Telekung Siti Khadijah’s consultation with Isentia uncovered valuable insights into consumer behaviour and pin pointed the areas in marketing strategy to be improved. Isentia's suggestion to combine social listening and online market research as a mixed method of research helped us to obtain results that also reaffirmed our estimations regarding our competitors' positions vis-a-vis Telekung Siti Khadijah in the niche and upcoming market of Muslim prayer garments. Some of the strong eye-openers include helping us tap into the factors that shape buyers' brand loyalty, areas to further leverage on the popularity of TSK advertisements, relevant channels to invest further development for sales and perception of consumers towards the Telekung Siti Khadijah brand in comparison with competitors. These learnings helped us to strategise our future product developments and the suitable price points to target different segments of consumers in the market.
Siti Khadijah Apparel Mohammad Munzir Aminuddin
Chief Executive Officer

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