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Make social media a pillar of your comms strategy

Leverage your social conversations with Isentia’s suite of social intelligence and listening tools and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Harness the social power of your owned content and build loyal relationships with your audience and influencers.

It’s all at your fingertips, in the Isentia Platform.

 The Isentia Platform lets you gather and organise important social data so you can better understand what’s being said about:

  • The product or services you offer.
  • Your traditional media coverage.
  • Your spokespeople.
  • Specific topics or issues.
  • Your content and messaging.

Bring social data into your strategy

Social media can be a noisy space and as it becomes more prevalent in your communications strategy, it’s important to listen for a story that might be brewing – our Integrated Social Media Intelligence capabilities will put you in control.

Our relevancy model and powerful platform functionalities will ensure you find the tweets and posts that are important to you.

Social item cards

Listen for keywords

Monitor your relevant topics across a variety of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr and Reddit. With full access to almost two million social blogs, forums and Q&A sites, we’ll work with you to only deliver the content that matters to you.

With features such as the in-platform media player for videos, automated sentiment, keyword highlighting and link to the original posts, the Isentia Platform helps you successfully understand and manage your social media interactions. View your rich Social Media item cards within the platform or the Isentia App, and add them to your Reports and Analytics Dashboards for better intelligence. 

Capture every engagement and monitor emojis, handles, hashtags (and more) and listen for certain keywords so you’re always on the front foot with your response strategy.

  • Identify influencers – learn who is already engaging with your content or the topic area of interest. Analyse the volume, frequency and tone of their interactions to plan the most effective influencer engagement strategy for your organisation. 
  • Deep-dive into Facebook reactions – effectively assess how your audience is responding to your Facebook content and analyse the sentiment for each monitored topic.
  • See what’s driving engagement – the Isentia Platform gives you access to engagement metrics across your selected content to help you discover the effectiveness of your content and messaging.
  • Double down on your most shared content – for teams wanting to keep a finger on the pulse of posts or Tweets, our most shared social media items metric gives you an overview of the social items that received the highest number of shares.
  • Find the social themes that need your attention – ideal for teams wanting to find new opportunities to expand their audiences; Top social themes give you a running of the hottest themes/topics across Facebook and Twitter at any given point in time.

Analyse what’s being said

We make the vast and complex world of social media simple. With higher volumes of content across social media, our deep suite of charts within the Isentia Platform provides the perfect place to understand trends and act on them.

Using sentiment analysis, quantify the emotional response to your organisation or topic of interest over time and show the effectiveness of your communications campaign. 

Here are some of the ways we can help you leverage Integrated Social Media Intelligence to power your communications strategy:

What makes Isentia’s Social Media intelligence platform unique

Our customised social media listening and analysis across all major social media platforms helps you make sense of the social media and stay across the conversations that matter to your organisation. 

Our comprehensive, targeted and relevant content is seamlessly integrated with the Isentia Platform and presented to your marketing and communications teams in conjunction with the rest of your media coverage from Broadcast, Press and Online. You can see the full picture, all in one platform. 

Always compliant

Our approach to social media intelligence is officially compliant and approved. We are an authorised provider of key social media content, having completed rigorous compliance testing to meet the necessary organisations’ comprehensive privacy security standards and practices. 

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