Introducing Pulsar

Pulsar helps you find the story in the data.

Its audience intelligence platform brings all your digital audiences in one place.

Get data-driven social media insights by leveraging the power of AI & data visualisation in our owned-media analytics, trends, and social listening tools.

In a webinar series presented by Isentia, we share knowledge on social listening, media analysis and how clients can get results using Pulsar, AI and reputation frameworks. Watch this series to understand how you can better guide and contribute to brand conversations.

Episode 1: Introducing Pulsar Reputation Intelligence

We are excited to introduce our relationship with Pulsar! Pulsar is an audience intelligence company that combines data and AI to bring audience mindset to clients. Audience intelligence brings you closer to the brand message.

Pulsar’s VP of Research explains how the technology is keeping clients ahead of the reputation curve.

Episode 2: Understanding Social Media Audiences

Deepen your understanding of diverse audiences across the media, social strategy development and optimisation.

Episode 3: Digital Storytelling for Social Change

Unpacking what strategic communication strategies you need for successful digital campaigning.