Visualise your data with rich analytics

Don’t get stuck in spreadsheets, bring your media data to life and find out where the action is quickly with Isentia media analytics.

Instantly understand the factors driving your results

Quickly configure and customise your media using the Analytics media dashboard, for a clear overview of what’s happening across channels.

You can create new charts in seconds, add custom labels, or drag, drop and expand your collection of visuals to bring what needs the most attention to the top. Your media dashboard can be exported as data visuals or crafted into beautiful reports ready for easy sharing with your marketing, sales and strategy teams. Real-time analytics can help you identify gaps, spot trends and take action to help your organisation leap forward.

Track performance and power campaigns with easy-to-use data

Performance is no longer a guessing game.

Understanding where, how and to what extent your actions impact your audiences and reputation is simple with our analytics dashboard. Select the metrics that matter to you and draw knowledge with aggregated visuals that help you identify trends, track sentiment, spot early warning signs and stay on top of what’s critical.

Understand who or what is driving your results. Engage and activate influential voices and outlets or compile items into a data-driven report for specific teams to take action.

Meaningful metrics and automated sentiment analysis

Use our unique combination of fast, relevant, cross-channel and multi-market coverage to inform actions and help identify the best strategies to amplify your messages.

Chart multiple metrics over a specific timeline and go beyond the numbers to understand the impact. News analytics and sentiment analysis tools allow you to measure what entire communities feel around a current topic, brand, spokesperson or organisation. Across every item, sentiment indicators enable real-time risk management and opportunity identification.

Take things further and gain deeper insight

Real-time analysis is crucial for day-to-day management, but sometimes more comprehensive research is needed to ensure accurate benchmarking, effective reputation management and long-term success.

Our proprietary technologies and experienced analysts help organisations identify gaps, solve challenges and gain in-depth insight into their business. 

Our approach is based on your goals and is designed specifically for each project using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, ensuring you gain the critical information you need to make informed decisions.  

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