Visualise your data with rich media analytics

Don’t get stuck in spreadsheets, bring your media data to life and find out where the action is with Isentia media analytics.

Instantly understand the factors driving your results

Isentia’s media analytics makes translating the value of your activities and earned media coverage easier, customisable and compelling.

Quickly configure and customise your digital media analytics in the Isentia platform for a clear overview of what’s happening across channels and create beautiful dashboards to showcase your communication campaign wrap up, end of year results, spokespeople report and more. 

Select from a range of charts and metrics, add custom labels, or drag, drop and expand your collection of visuals to surface what’s most important. Discover the outlets or voices influencing your stories and create multiple analytics dashboards for campaign reports, crisis monitoring, campaign tracking, or monthly reporting.

Track performance with easy-to-use data

PR analysis has never been easier, and performance is no longer a guessing game.

Export your analysis and create intuitive and brandable media reports that bring together the visual impact of your activities alongside a narrative you construct. With easy-to-share formats including weblink and PDF, you can share what’s happening across your organisation, making collaboration, benchmarking and performance tracking easy.

Meaningful metrics and automated sentiment analysis

Across every media item, sentiment analysis enables real-time risk management and opportunity identification. Chart the sentiment of media outlets to identify relationship-building opportunities and trends in coverage to enhance your communications.

Take things further and gain deeper insight

Real-time analysis is crucial for day-to-day management, but sometimes more comprehensive research is needed to ensure accurate benchmarking, effective reputation management and long-term success.

Our proprietary technologies and experienced analysts help organisations identify gaps, solve challenges and gain in-depth insight into their business. 

Our approach is based on your goals and is designed specifically for each project using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, ensuring you gain the critical information you need to make informed decisions.

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