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Building a Communications Strategy in the era of Misinformation
[Pulsar Report] Transactions & Reactions: The Online Credit Card Conversation
Australia gets on the wagon: what’s driving low and no alcohol trends
ISENTIA PHILIPPINES – The First 30 Days: The Philippine Presidential Race Campaign Period at a Glance
Isentia bringing the 2022-23 Budget to Clients
Isentia VN TRENDSPOTTING STUDY – MISSING THE FAMILIAR: Exploring Consumer Desires, Revamping Marketing Strategies
ISENTIA ID TRENDSPOTTING STUDY – From Invasion to Innovation: The Rise of Digital Banking
Isentia PH TRENDSPOTTING REPORT – Prelude to the Polls: An Overture to the 2022 Philippine National Elections
Isentia ID CASE STUDY – “Espresso vs Expresso”: Going Viral Gone Wrong
Isentia TH TRENDSPOTTING REPORT – BRACE FOR IMPACT: The Airlines Industry in Thailand
Isentia PH CASE STUDY – Pandemic Effect: How Netizens Intervened the Media to Counteract its Standards of Feminine Beauty
Isentia VN CASE STUDY: COVID-19 and the “Big Test” for Retailers?
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