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Isentia VN TRENDSPOTTING STUDY – MISSING THE FAMILIAR: Exploring Consumer Desires, Revamping Marketing Strategies
Isentia PH TRENDSPOTTING REPORT – Prelude to the Polls: An Overture to the 2022 Philippine National Elections
Isentia ID CASE STUDY – “Espresso vs Expresso”: Going Viral Gone Wrong
Isentia TH TRENDSPOTTING REPORT – BRACE FOR IMPACT: The Airlines Industry in Thailand
Isentia PH CASE STUDY – Pandemic Effect: How Netizens Intervened the Media to Counteract its Standards of Feminine Beauty
Isentia VN CASE STUDY: COVID-19 and the “Big Test” for Retailers?
Isentia PH TRENDSPOTTING REPORT – Hitting the Mark: The 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Isentia MY TRENDSPOTTING REPORT – Getting the Jab: An Update on COVID-19 Vaccination in Malaysia
Isentia MY TRENDSPOTTING REPORT – Travel Tit-For-Tat: Travel Trends in Malaysia
Sydney’s latest outbreak highlights communications gap with multicultural communities
Isentia PH CASE STUDY – Paalam, PNoy: A Glimpse Into Social Media Conversations On The Passing of Former President Benigno Aquino III
Isentia VN TRENDSPOTTING REPORT – Learning English in the Digital Era: A New Force Is Ready To Take Over
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