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Award-winning media research and measurement

Our award-winning Insights team combines the best data, technology and expert analysts to give you an added layer of intelligence for your brand, campaigns and topics. We look beyond the typical in-platform reporting metrics such as audience, Share of Voice, Advertising Space Rate (ASR) or Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE). Delve deeper into any aspects of your communication strategy: 

  • Clearly demonstrate which communication is working and why 
  • Sharpen your focus on how you communicate and the longer-term impact of your communication
  • Protect and drive budget decisions 
  • Help you understand your audience and sector and what drives reporting, conversation and reaction
  • Inform and demonstrate the value of a clear strategy

Insights by media type

Insights 101-

What kind of research do we offer?

Widen your lens and tailor your communications with Isentia Insights. Audience intelligence and research reports refract messaging and organisational objectives. Deep-dive into the Planning and Performance Insights offerings to see which one is right for you.


Insights therefore Strategy

 Our media research and measurement expertise

Our research approach is collaborative. We ask the right questions and use the deepest content sources, the right measurement techniques and the industry’s best people to deliver high-quality media insight and intelligence. We customise our measures and insights so they’re aligned to what success looks like to you.

  • Relationship – Each project has a dedicated local managing analyst who runs the project and produces the final report. They’ll also be available for any questions, additional data or presentations you may require.  
  • Flexibility – Any media analysis is a living, breathing project. We can adapt to changes to your requirements or changes within your industry. Support from our Insights team can always be scaled up when needed.  
  • Best practice analysis – We are the most experienced media research and analysis organisation in Asia-Pacific, we are award-winning, and we care about producing work that makes a difference to your organisation.  
  • We know the media. We know communications – We support and actively participate in the communications industry through partnerships with organisations such as Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ), International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). We know the value of good communications and we’ll help you achieve it, and most importantly, prove it.

Award-winning work

Our work has been recognised on the international stage and continues to set Industry benchmarks across measurement, evaluation and insights-driven research.

AMEC Awards


Hosted by AMEC, the world’s largest media intelligence and insights professional organisation, the AMEC Awards celebrate the exceptional work of research, measurement and analytics for businesses and government campaigns.

Isentia has received more than 45 awards from AMEC and continues to advocate for ongoing innovation in the field of media evaluation and communications research.

The Spark Awards


The Spark Awards are Singapore based awards that celebrate the best media solutions, products and services that answer the questions, 

  1. “Who are the most trustworthy and effective partners in the region?
  2. Which ad tech companies and media owners made the most of their budgets
  3. Who delivered the right content to the right consumers at the right time?”

MARKies Awards

MARKies Awards


The MARKies Awards recognise the most innovative, creative and effective campaigns spanning Singapore’s entire marketing services industry. In 2020, Isentia was awarded:

  • Silver for Most Effective Use – Consumer Insights and Market Research: ACRES ‘Because Wildlife Matters’ Campaign

Markies Awards 2020

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