Showcase your success with media reports

Uncover the meaning within your data and synergise your marketing, PR and communications strategies to better understand your media coverage. Media reporting gives you the tools to drive decisions, open possibilities and prove your success with confidence. 

Synthesize a wealth of data

Keep your organisation in the know and enable stakeholders to find and easily digest the content relevant to them. Create a single source for key media and company information with the ability to include external content such as board reports, web links, or other relevant items.



Easy to read media reach reports – for busy stakeholders

Isentia’s news coverage reports are the perfect way to share information and keep your key stakeholders informed. Share media intelligence with your team and produce crisp, clean and all-encompassing reports in a customised, responsive and easily shareable format.

Create captivating reports without leaving the platform

Showcase your efforts with customisable media analysis reports built right inside the Isentia platform. Quick and easy to assemble and even faster to distribute, you can keep your stakeholders informed in a few simple steps.

With a few clicks, you can turn your Analytics Dashboard into a ready-to-send interactive, intuitive and brandable report that looks just as good on a desktop as it does on a mobile. Curate your content using the drag-and-drop interface and add commentary to ensure everyone across your organisation understands what’s been achieved.

Turn data into decisions

Whether it’s managing your reputation by tracking key messages and audience sentiment or analysing the competition through share of voice, Isentia’s media analytics reporting tool can help you understand your competitive positioning and spark new ideas for your organisations’ communication strategy.

From Dashboard to Report

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