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Know who to contact and inform

Connect allows you to reach the publishers and programs that matter, giving you access to a constantly updated database of journalists. Our media database allows you to send media releases to your selected journalists using our flexible and fast media release distribution tool.

connect with the right people

Find the right media contacts 

Search from an extensive media database of more than 50,000 contacts across Asia-Pacific.

Target journalists for a certain campaign, or the most important contact at a particular media outlet.

Segment by topic, media type, industry, roles and keywords, or narrow your scope using location for highly local content. 

On top of the thousands of contacts maintained by the Isentia Media Directory Research Team, add your own contacts to the database to ensure all your top reporters are in the one location.

Professional Lists to contact your database

Fast media release distribution, with Professional Lists

Professional Lists will quickly enable you to identify groups of media contacts you want to reach based on their geography or the topics they write about.

Connect will also give you recommended contacts based on what you’re already monitoring in the Isentia platform and our ready-made media release templates save you time and effort when you’re working to a deadline.

  • Create your own private contacts list or utilise our frequently updated database
  • Send media releases to key media contacts
  • Track the media coverage earned from the distribution of your media releases

Maximise your media outreach

Isentia’s analytics dashboard helps you identify the voices and outlets influencing conversations. In a crisis, this can be incredibly powerful in understanding who’s amplifying negative coverage and who can help distribute messaging to correct misinformation.

Use Connect to drill down further and see details including journalists’ Twitter handles, LinkedIn profiles, contact details, as well as additional media items they’ve produced.

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