Make media move with you

Be informed when news hits

With a simple click, the embedded media player allows you to watch TV or listen to radio without leaving the app.

Live notifications keep you informed, alerting you with the news that matters to you and your team. Our media monitoring app supports all media types, giving you access to broadcast content, print, social posts and online articles at any time, from any device.

Reporting on the go

The Isentia App offers powerful search and ensures you keep your finger on the pulse. Save your important media items and view later, export to a PDF or email report and send to your stakeholders using native sharing functions, no matter your location.

Customise the content you want to see

A synchronised experience across the Isentia App and desktop, allows you to customise the topics you see and focus on relevant media items. With the help of off-brief search, you can go one step further and search for media outside your briefs, ensuring you have all the tools to stay in control of your media. 

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