Reputation Analysis

Pulsar’s VP of Research explains how the technology is keeping clients ahead of the reputation curve.

Meet the speakers

Jake is the VP of Research & Insights for Access Intelligence. He is a researcher who specialises in building insight teams to drive growth in Tech. Prior to joining AI, Jake built and led the Research & Insight teams at O2, Twitter and Deliveroo as well as spending time agency side at Kantar + some small consultancies. He is on the main board of the Market Research Society and a founding member of The Delphi Group.

As VP of Research at Pulsar, Rob leads a team of Researchers and accounts across EMEA and the US. He brings over ten years of experience working with social data for social listening technologies for consumer and audience research, coming to the industry with a background in social sciences. The Pulsar Research team design and deliver research programs for brands globally, helping clients evaluate brand reputation, inform campaign planning and benchmark brand performance. 

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