Fast, actionable and integrated reputation analysis

Our reputation analysis blends social media conversations and survey data in order to reveal a point in time, complete view on what people say, think, and feel about your organisation.

This analysis will not only provide you with an overall RepID score, but also detail your performance across the three most important drivers of organisational reputation: Strategy, Culture, and Delivery. It highlights areas of opportunity, weak spots and where you might influence the apathetic into advocates.

Based on extensive research into the most important drivers of organisational reputation, we’ve created a streamlined framework that gives you a clear measurement of reputation without the tedious timelines or verbose reports of traditional methods.

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RepID Strategy Culture Delivery

Reputation Analysis is a simple but highly valuable metric for organisational reputation

Reputation is how people feel about you. It’s a small statement, but a far and wide reaching concept that if ignored can cost you customers, votes, talent and money.

Our reputation analysis makes measuring this multidimensional concept easy with a clear overall score known as  ‘RepID’.

Weighted on a simple -10 to 10 scale, your RepID score can be used as a benchmark alongside other key metrics, and continuously tracked to assess how any changes, launches or messaging have influenced how audiences perceive you, and the impact on your reputation.

One of the key drivers of reputation is the perception around an organisation’s strategy for the future, and whether the people believe an organisation is set up for success. 

Under the strategy driver we analyse performance across a number of indicators to unpack audience perceptions across topics including:

  • If you have good leadership.
  • Potential for success in the next five years.
  • Are an innovative company. 
  • Are leaders in the industry. 
  • They believe in what you say.

Having a strong organisational culture goes beyond a set of values printed in an employee handbook. It needs to be evident in everything you do internally and externally. A healthy culture can amplify the positive experiences had inside and outside of an organisation, and help to build a stronger reputation that attracts talent, buyers and key audiences who often seek to find organisations that mirror their own values.

Under the culture driver our analysis looks at how audience see and speak about you across a range of indicators, including:

  • If you are honest about your business. 
  • Your contribution to the community. 
  • If you are a good and diverse employer. 
  • Whether you behave ethically. 
  • If you are an organisation to be proud of.

The ability to deliver back to your audience is increasingly important. There are more avenues for people to vent or praise than ever before and channels that can amplify that message in an instant. If an organisation has a great track record in their ability to deliver what they said they would, and meet (or exceed) expectations, this can have a powerful impact on how people feel about you and how they want to interact with you in the future.

Our analysis looks at audience views of an organisation’s ability to deliver on their day-to-day using these key indicators:

  • If you are good at what you do. 
  • Being top of mind in your sector. 
  • If you financially successful. 
  • If people enjoy hearing from you. 
  • If you care about quality.
With Reputation Analysis we want to give you information you can use. We’re giving you the details about those in the middle, not only the extremes, so that you can plan to turn apathy into advocacy.
Ngaire Crawford
Head of Insights, New Zealand

Reputation Analysis is social media and survey analysis in one

Our reputation analysis uses both prompted and unprompted audience data to give organisations a wider view of how people feel, at a point in time. 

Each report includes intelligence across demographics, audiences by channel, and the drivers of organic conversations.

Reputation Analysis helps you find gold in the grey

Your reputation analysis also includes a look into what we call the ‘gold in the grey’. A look into those respondents who appear neutral or ambivalent, and what opportunities there may be to change their behaviours, perceptions and beliefs around your organisation; letting you increase the potential value of  your reputation, expand your advocacy base and see an upward trend in your RepID score.

Get a fast, actionable and data rich measure of your organisational reputation.

Without the jargon or the exorbitant price tag.