Case Study

Australian Paralympic Committee

The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) utilised Insights to demonstrate effectiveness and to hone its strategy for the first “truly social” Paralympic Games in London.

Australian Paralympic Committee- Insights Campaign Report APC Website
AMEC Award Winner 2013: 2x Bronze Best Use of Measurement for a Single Event Innovation in Social Media Measurement

The challenge

  • The APC needed to gauge the impact of its media activities on the volume and tone of discussion of the Australian Paralympian team, and to also demonstrate the interest in and effectiveness of its campaign to sponsors and funding agencies.
  • The APC was also particularly keen to better understand the contribution of social media to the overall media profile of the event, the athletes and the committee.

The solution

  • The analysis tracked traditional and social media discussion of the Games, the APC, the athletes and the results; the profile of APC sponsors and partners in coverage; and the take-up of the APC’s proactive materials.
  • The analysis also evaluated social media engagement with posts from the athletes themselves, as well as those from the APC.
The APC … [has] no hesitation in implementing [several of Isentia’s recommendations] as part of our social media strategy moving forward. The analysis clearly identified a need to inject more resources into the APC’s social media operations, [which] will be valuable when we craft our social media plans for upcoming events. The report’s findings will also have significant ramifications for our future recruitment of our media staff, and will see us target potential candidates with much more diverse skill sets than those targeted at previous Games.
Tim Mannion
General Manager Communications at Australian Paralympic Committee

Actionable insight

  • Isentia provided the APC with an integrated view of how the team was portrayed across all media types, with a strong emphasis on what types of media activity led to favourable media coverage.
  • The high level of engagement with athlete’s tweets and YouTube footage provided the APC with a strong case for change. The APC set out to provide media outlets with more dynamic materials and experiences rather than traditional, static press releases.
  • The APC adjusted the way it recruits media staff, shifting its focus in order to create engaging digital content in the lead up to Sochi and Rio.

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