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Stay on top of the action with monitoring you can filter, analyse and make your own

Don’t miss important coverage, conversations or comments with our suite of services, designed to make monitoring quick, easy, and more meaningful.

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The fastest way to turn media into everyday insight

Don't get stuck in spreadsheets, bring your media to life and find out where the action is quickly with analytics and impactful reporting.

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Listening is one thing, acting is another

When you’re the first to know when something important happens, you get the critical head start needed to course correct, alert the right people and target your efforts more effectively. Keep primed tailored alerts and simplify your work to maximise the time you have to identify and activate audience-specific influences or create custom reports to ensure you communicate what’s happening across your organisation, not just outside of it.

Connect knowledge with action in one place

Award-winning insights to help solve challenges

We work directly with our customers to solve problems, create new value and deliver concrete, qualified and actionable insights. Dive deep and find fresh insights with help from our expert team to guide strategic decisions, or simply sense check benchmarks and prove ROI. Get a firm grasp of your competitors, influencers, current landscape and the possibilities that are yours for the taking.

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We are fortunate to work with some of APAC's biggest brands

Walt Disney

And have solutions for everyone


Enhance your strategic communications, be crisis ready and manage your reputation by tracking key messages, issues and audience sentiment across channels, with more accessible and easier-to-use data.

Always be the first to know with real-time alerts and real-time analytics that help you spot trends and take action to help your organisation build its reputation.


Uncover opportunities, maximise ROI and effectively track your owned media to keep agencies accountable.

Know who, where, when and how a segment of customers is responding to key messages or campaigns and create new content people will love based on consumer insights and bespoke research.


The way you work is different, and so are your needs. We know from experience that government bodies need confidence, relevance and simplicity when it comes to media intelligence.

Work with people who understand your complex needs and deliver a service you can trust.


Being there for your clients is about being more than a distribution service. It’s being their team on the outside, ready when the story breaks and acting as the conduit between a world of fast-moving media and strategic advice.

Make managing multiple clients easier, with tailored media monitoring that covers thousands of sources across Print, Broadcast, Online and Social, with flexible options to suit different needs.


Isentia empowers you to inform everyone across your organisation, including key leaders and spokespeople, with critical media coverage which could impact reputation or strategy.

Tailored briefings, a mobile app, real-time alerts and research can all drive decisions which help your organisation to stay competitive.

Risk & Legal

Keeping a watch on what’s being said about your organisation, people and products means you can identify and mitigate risks.

While reputation is built over time, it only takes one mishandled event to cause significant impact for your brand and bottom line.


Get a grasp on your opportunities and challenges with more than just a ‘gut feeling’. We work with you to understand the problems you want to solve and give you the research that puts knowledge and recommendations in your hands.

Understand everything from what’s influencing buyer behaviour, to which competitors are causing shifts in your market. Isentia delivers insights that give you the full story on your industry, customers, and partners.

Human Resources

Understand your profile in the market, locally and globally, and see how these perceptions are impacting current and future talent.

Delve deeper to unpack your reputation alongside CSR, environmental impacts, or diversity measures and use this intelligence to pull the right levers in your organisation to achieve your talent objectives.

Communications Marketing Government Agencies C-Suite Risk & Legal Research Human Resources

Happy customers, happy life

We take your experience seriously, online and offline.

From day one, we start by getting to know you, your goals and your audiences so we can recommend the best fit for your needs and maximise the value you receive. We like to keep you happy and to make sure our media intelligence platform and account management services are hitting the mark. We’ll invite you to collaborate, provide feedback and input into our future roadmap.

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With over 65,000 active searches created by over 3,000 companies across APAC, it’s easy to see why Isentia’s services have become a cornerstone for individuals, teams and executives. When you want to know what’s been said, from the front page to a tweet, and what other insights can be discovered, we’re the team to turn to.

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