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June 25, 2019

Problem Solving Through Understanding

With so many different media types, the cycle is becoming increasingly complex…

I was recently asked what my take on the media landscape and the direction of our industry was. It was a great question. I think that there is an abundance of data out there and with so many different media types, the cycle is becoming increasingly complex. There was thought and speculation in the industry a few years ago that consolidation within the media industry would result in fewer media content creators, fewer media outlets, and that all media was moving online.

What we now see is that it’s actually more complex than it has ever been, with an increase in both the number of different publishers and content that is being created by media outlets, organisations and individuals. Within the media intelligence industry, it’s important that you can cast the net out wide in terms of what you are actually looking for, but to still have that focus on context and relevance to ensure you can find exactly what you need in a much bigger pool of information.

What I’m noticing more so, is that our clients are asking us to understand what that data means, instead of it just being collected and presented to them. More organisations are looking for insights, through measurement and research, and that isn’t easily sourced; it is deep within that data.

So what does that mean for our clients? 

The next big thing for most industries would be artificial intelligence and machine learning, and we’ve started our first steps towards this at Isentia with Mediaportal Stories. With machine learning comes faster insights, faster intelligence, better data and better decision-making capabilities. Ultimately, we want to be at the forefront of that within the media intelligence industry, so that our people can use their expertise and knowledge to truly help our clients’ problem solve.

One of the key things that we’re currently talking to our clients about, and where we’re really helping them to problem solve, is through understanding what the most important issues are for them – right across the media landscape. Understanding what channels are important to which customers, and what topics are driving influence or opinion across different customer segments are the more common questions we receive.

There are just so many different formats and channels that professional communicators could focus on, and it is trying to identify those important areas across all media types to give our clients the whole picture of their media landscape, which makes the difference. Ultimately, we are best placed to help our clients in this space when you consider our relevance, our scope of content, the knowledge and expertise of our account management teams, and our understanding of our clients and of the media landscape. This is at the core of how and what we help our clients with every single day.

If you don’t know where to start, why don’t you consider getting in touch with our team?

Brendan McGreevy

Country Manager, Isentia Australia


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