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June 25, 2019

These Are A few of Our Client’s Favourite Things

Tis’ the season to be jolly, but before we get into the holiday spirit here’s a few things that we’ve heard bring joy to our clients

A portal to your media data, made easy.

The volume of chatter and news coverage has increased and diversified with the introduction of new distribution channels almost daily. The task of capturing all relevant data is incredibly important, but often overwhelming and difficult to manage. Our Mediaportal clients love that while the technology is complex, the solution is simple.

Wherever a story appears – from Twitter to the weekend press – our technology picks it up, and delivers it directly to Mediaportal. It doesn’t matter when or where that story breaks, our clients get 24/7 access to their data via our intuitive online portal and app. They can customise how they would like to view their coverage, or zero in on a slice of data with flexible filtering tools. Most importantly, it is now even easier for our clients to sit back and take a look at the bigger picture, all from the one platform.

Have it your way.

One of the most loved features of Mediaportal is the ability to create Personal Folders. Mediaportal can automatically organise media items into folders based on criteria set by you. These folders can be organised by search terms, locations or media outlets, with the added feature of being able to manually add content to a folder if desired. This makes managing topics or key themes much easier – once created, folders can be shared with colleagues too, so they automatically appear under their Mediaportal login too.

Trust us with no fuss notifications.

Who sits at their desk from 9am-5pm nowadays? Our clients need to be kept informed and provided with timely updates no matter whether they’re in a meeting, dropping kids off to school, or presenting at a conference. Isentia’s media alerting system utilises all platforms and devices, supported by our news-hungry, market-leading account management teams who distribute information via email, RSS feeds or Isentia App notifications. The ability to receive information anywhere, anytime is a huge advantage for many of our clients who need relevant, accurate and manageable updates in a timely fashion.

Reporting that matters.

Regular reporting is nothing new for our clients – it is imperative in demonstrating sentiment and success relative to outputs. We know how important this is; in fact, we know that more than 5,000 reports are built in Mediaportal every week! Our Custom Reports tool is designed to suit a range of needs, allowing Mediaportal users to create, brand and share reports via a simple web link in under 2 minutes.

Analytics to help develop understanding.

With Mediaportal Analytics you can create visually engaging charts to measure the success of your media coverage and efforts. Many of our clients add relevant charts to their Mediaportal dashboard for repeat use – both saving time and allowing the delivery of a consistent picture of activity across every report.

Confidence in coverage.

Everyday our technology ingests millions of media items, and adds hundreds of millions of additional data points from other sources. Our team works hard to capture coverage that matters most to our clients, while also ensuring that the content captured meets the brief. It’s what gives our clients confidence in communicating this activity out to their wider teams, internal stakeholders and sometimes even with industry peers. 

There when you need us most.

We’re no strangers to a crisis. We’re there when our clients need us – whether the news is good, or not so good. One of the key reasons why many of our clients choose Isentia is because we know technology is great, but people are still critical to success. We have some fantastic, longstanding relationships and dedicated teams ready to assist at any time of day whether that is to simply help compile a report, or deal with an urgent crisis. Our clients lean on us, on the days when it really matters.


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