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June 24, 2019

From the frontline, distilling beyond the data

Media has been at the front-line of digital disruption and continues to undergo dramatic change at the hands of technology.

It’s a change so absolute it’s difficult to fully analyse. But the impact of technology on the way we communicate with each other, and the world at large, certainly bears interrogation.

While the role of Communications & Marketing Professionals may have remained unchanged today, the impact on how they work by digital revolution is certainly one of note.

With a 24/7 news cycle forcing an ‘always-on’ approach, a fragmented media landscape with traditional players and independent news all adding to the noise and proliferation of conversation due to social media  – it’s no wonder there’s a whole lot more to manage.

Fast-tracking one’s own learning to better understand this cross-channel and cross-domain environment that’s constantly shifting is not the only challenge. The demand for reactive and real-time response – largely driven by social media – and no agreed industry metric to measure success, MarComms Professionals are looking to technology to help address these challenges.

Challenge is just opportunity inside out.

Enter a future that’s already happening today, with innovations in machine learning, AI and data analytics. If technology is the challenge, it’s also the solution. With new advances coming down the line, many businesses are already investing in technology based solutions to revolutionise the way Marketing & Communications Professionals work and deliver on their ambitious expectations around speed, reach, responsiveness, quality, impact and customer centricity.

The real opportunity is distilling beyond the data. Aligning communications to insights and further solidifying the importance of the Communication and Marketing profession, allowing organisations to be truly data driven with the customer at the heart of every decision.


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