Understand & connect with your audiences across social and news media.

Social + News

Track the momentum of conversation topics on both social media and news, and zoom in on key inflection points as they heat up or cool off.  

Global + Local

Check out what’s trending globally on social, and then zoom in on specific countries.

Historical Data

Monitor how social trends develop for any topic, over 15 years of social media history.

Listen + Segment

Track any public topic of conversation, and then zoom in on the audience communities behind it, their affinities and behaviors.

Data Sources

Tap into the broadest set of data sources. From Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, to TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, news, blogs, reviews, forums, premium data sources like SERMO and your own first-party data.

Vertical AI

Leverage our specialized AI models trained on specific industries and use cases, help you sift through and spot patterns in your data at scale.

Brand level View

Get a bird’s eye view of your audiences and content across all owned channels and brands, to get an integrated brand level view of your marketing.

Content Performance

Understand how your content is performing at a glance: use our AI to identify the best creative, the most engaging keywords in your copy, and which formats work best on which channel.

Google Analytics

Connect the dots between how your audience is growing on social media, and what they do on your website by viewing your Google Analytics data alongside your owned channels.

Reputation Intelligence

Go beyond generic sentiment analysis: track & analyze relevant conversations with custom AI that is tailored to your brand, industry and existing reputation framework.

Audience discovery

Discover the key segments and personas in your audience with our real-time cluster analysis based on affinities, behaviors, and demographics.

Creative Development

Dive into your customer’s world with our creative planning research helping you tap into the mindsets of your audience and craft the messages, imagery and experiences that click.

Helping brands understand their audience and creating messages that matter to them with Pulsar & Isentia.


Sophie Baker

Commercial Director, ANZ | Pulsar

In this role, Sophie went on to lead the go to market strategy for Pulsar’s entry into North America, penetrating the media and creative agency space, and managing a motivated team which was fundamental to driving the success of Pulsar’s launch into this new market, and ultimately contributing to the overall growth of the Commercial function.

Sophie joins the team in ANZ as Commercial Director for Pulsar with the remit to launch the multi-product solution in a market that is primed for Pulsar’s industry leading social listening & audience insights solution.

Gregory Lopez

Client Success Manager, ANZ | Pulsar

Gregory has worked in the media industry for 10+ years in Australia, the UK and France. He has a strong understanding of the local and global media landscape and loves working with communications and marketing professionals to help them achieve their goals.

He is passionate about leveraging artificial intelligence, data analysis and other tools to provide insightful and relevant information that can drive positive business outcomes for his clients. Gregory is happiest when working closely with his clients to provide solutions and is instrumental in making sure that Clients in ANZ get the best experience with Pulsar’s industry-leading social listening & audience insights solution. 

Dan Godfrey

BDM, ANZ | Pulsar
For the past 6 years Dan has worked in the events industry, offering and creating event engagements that would allow sales & marketing to engage with their target audience. 
As a person who’s main goal is to help marketing leaders solve their critical business challenges, he cannot wait to help bring Pulsar’s leading social listening & audience insight solution to the ANZ market. 

Alex Metsatunyan

BDM, ANZ | Pulsar

Alex joins the team at Pulsar as an experienced sales professional with a career spanning over a decade in varied and diverse roles. Throughout his career, Alex has earned the trust of several national and international companies and maintained strong client relationships that generate repeat business. Alex attributes his success to his ability to listen to customers and put their needs first.

Joining Pulsar as a Business Development Manager, Alex will be looking to utilize his skillset and further assist his future clients to achieve strategic advantages with the launch of Pulsar’s multi solution platform in the APAC region. 

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