The challenge

Struggling to manage multiple systems and focussed on getting clients results, HMC needed a single tool that would allow them to:

  • source relevant media
  • report on stories
  • monitor coverage, and
  • measure campaigns across print, broadcast, online, and social.

On top of this, being able to quickly pull together a report for clients was not only valuable but a necessity.


“At HMC, one of our team values is that we are ‘focused on getting clients great results.’ But, as we know in the world of PR, it’s not enough to get great results... You need to tell your audience (in this case, our client) that you’ve done it. So, Mediaportal’s reporting function gives us a tool that helps us achieve and report one of our organisation’s core values. Last year, HMC trialled another media monitoring system. We quickly abandoned any thoughts of leaving Isentia after a few months of testing. The service we receive from the Isentia team is beyond comparison. And the quality of clips and reporting simply didn’t match what Isentia can do. The team at Isentia make our lives easy! No issue or problem is too hard to handle and they are a real joy to work with.”

Heather Claycomb
HMC Director

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