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June 24, 2019

Let go, adapt and grow

Thriving in a constantly shifting, transforming and exciting mediascape

In almost every conversation we had with clients last year, a common theme that arose was their desire to understand the practical next steps to becoming more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Introducing technology is one thing, but the need to adapt new behaviors and business approaches around said technology was something many of our Communications and Marketing stakeholders flagged as an uphill and somewhat ‘foggy’ battle.

While change is easy to understand as a concept, we’re naturally uncomfortable with what it throws at us. A demand for experimentation, letting go of old thinking and embracing entirely new approaches. All at a speed in which we humans aren’t always immediately comfortable with.

However, the benefits are clear. By exploring the unknown or uncomfortable and adopting an experimental approach, you can ensure your focus aligns with what you ultimately want to achieve.

For many, it starts with measurement. It might not be the sexiest solution but sometimes we need the data to tell us where to go or which strings to pull so that we can let go of others that aren’t performing how we need, enabling us to be more comfortable with our decisions and direction. 

In the field of media intelligence or media monitoring, measurement can be used similarly to Design Thinking principals or ‘prototyping’. It’s a test-and-learn opportunity that gives you a window of time to see results, go back to the drawing board or become more comfortable with next steps that need to be taken. It also helps to shift your mindset towards being more of an architect of the future, rather than just trying to get over the next hurdle.   

It’s also important not to try to tackle everything at once. Know your purpose, be clear on what you need to nail, and let go of everything else. If you have a team, it’s also a great opportunity to delegate and empower everyone so that the adoption is collective and experienced. 

Remember, your ultimate success will be based upon your ability to adapt and make friends with experimentation, rather than your ability to add ‘bells and whistles’ that cover up the uncomfortable.  Measure what works for your clients, audiences and business, and then reassess from there. Create a framework that allows you to review changes you’ve made on a regular basis, and explore more of the uncomfortable until there’s no hesitation remaining and all you find is growth.

Our media analysis team can provide you with a concise snapshot of your media profile in 2017. Our Year in Review reports provide at-a-glance findings and top line insights with instantly comparable and easy-to-understand metrics.
  • Assess the volume and audience or circulation of press and broadcast coverage in each state and territory over a 12-month period
  • See the media outlets that reported on you the most often
  • Let us measure the influence you had in the media
  • Reveal peak periods for you and your competitors with our month-on-month trends
  • Measure the proportion of your media coverage that quoted or mentioned one or more of your spokespeople.

Learn more about our Insights services including our annual media analysis.


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