More resources for APAC communicators

Isentia and IABC Asia Pacific are excited to bring more resources to professional communicators across APAC.  To get started, redeem your Insights Discovery Session today.

Enhancing the communication profession

IABC and Isentia memberships benefit

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and we understand that the current market environment may present new and unexpected challenges for professional communicators. As two organisations in strategic communication, as well as research & measurement space in APAC, Isentia and IABC Asia Pacific, are collaborating to unearth and offer insights that would benefit the comms community!

For IABC Asia Pacific Members

As proud IABC Asia Pacific’s partners, we offer IABC members competitive discounts on all our Insights solutions, including Media Analysis and Reputation Analysis. IABC members can also take advantage of a bespoke discovery session with senior members from the Isentia Insights team, the purpose of these sessions is to outline best practice in communications measurement, what you’re already doing and how effective it is, and some industry trends that might inspire you to look at all your data a little differently. To get started, claim your Insights discovery session today.

For Isentia clients

Get discounted access to all IABC Asia Pacific events across APAC, including webinars, conferences, workshops and more! Visit the IABC Asia Pacific website for more information on upcoming events.


To learn more, claim your Insights discovery session today.