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With over 45,000 media mentions across print and broadcast in Australia and New Zealand, the Coronavirus crisis is rapidly becoming one of the most important news stories of 2020.

Isentia’s media tracker gives you a quick snapshot of the media coverage surrounding the Coronavirus crisis. Compiled by our award-winning Insights team and delivered to you on a weekly basis, the tracker helps you navigate the evolution of the Coronavirus media landscape and understand the narratives that are important to your industry.

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The Coronavirus tracker gives you a weekly view of the themes and industries reported on the most across Australia and New Zealand. We focus on how media are presenting stories and shaping narratives so you are always across the information that is important to your organisation.
Ngaire Crawford
Head of Insights, Isentia

What's inside

Track the key media coverage and statistics of the Coronavirus media coverage. This includes things like key related topic, industries, spikes in coverage and trends to keep an eye on. Our Coronavirus tracker has been developed to help you cut through the noise and gain important insights into the conversations that are affecting our industry.

  • Any industry – Gain insights into how the crisis is affecting your industry.

  • Australia and New Zealand – Track the Coronavirus coverage and trends across ANZ.

  • Key trends – Get an overview of the weekly and daily trends that are relevant to you.

  • Narratives – Focus on how media are presenting information and shaping narratives.

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