Comms Agenda 2021

Isentia and IABC APAC surveyed communication professionals across more than 21 industries and 14 countries to conduct in-depth and balanced research on the future of the communication profession post-pandemic.

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Communications trends and insights across 14 APAC countries

Discover what will be front and centre on communicators’ agendas in the next 12 months.

  • Strategy & Evaluation. This section includes insights into strategy, priorities, metrics, impact of technology and media mix.
  • Resources. This section includes insights into budget trends, teams, outsourcing, collaboration with agencies and operational synergies.

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At Isentia we are committed to producing research that helps move communications forward. We hope that this information offers you insight into your profession and inspiration for you and your teams.
Prashant Saxena
Head of Insights, Asia, Isentia
As we look to the next 12 months and what may be in store, being at the forefront of the industry and keenly aware of evolving trends are two of the areas in which we need to remain vigilant. We look forward to delivering excellent value together through insight and advancing our profession across Asia Pacific.
Kristy Christie
Chair at IABC Asia Pacific

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