CALD Media Monitoring

Listen to your audience in any language

CALD media monitoring is Isentia’s offering for organisations wanting to listen to their Culturally and Linguistically Diverse audiences across Australia.

Understand the impact of your communications strategy on foreign language communities across Australia

CALD media monitoring gives you coverage of many foreign-language publications across Australia. Our system monitors those publications and alerts you to mentions of your chosen topics with detailed English summaries of the articles, together with pdf files of the original content.

Multi-lingual media monitoring

With more than 21 per cent of Australians speaking a language other than English at home, organisations need media intelligence that provides multi-lingual monitoring capabilities. Isentia has developed CALD media monitoring to provide you with the resources you need.

  • Make sense of the conversations around your topics without language barriers.

  • Gather vital media intelligence from multicultural communities in Australia and stay in control of your message.

  • Make informed decisions to improve your comms strategy, based on editorially curated English summaries of Australian foreign-language publications.

Control your multi-language monitoring preferences

Isentia’s CALD media monitoring gives you control over the topics and languages you want to monitor. We will cover a range of Australian print publications across selected languages and deliver English summaries to you via Mediaportal. Choose your language preferences and let our team of media experts do the rest!

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