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June 25, 2019

Innovation Setting The Compass For Client Success In NZ

I’m very passionate about improving our client experiences in any way possible and take a keen interest in the development of new Isentia products and services. So naturally, I am in my happiest place when I’m able to sit down with our clients and tell them about the innovative things that we’re doing to improve their day.

The recent release of Custom Reports is one of those product developments that I am particularly excited about. We know that building a report is one of the most commonly used parts of Mediaportal – it’s how many of our clients start their day, and it can also be one of the most important parts of their days depending on the issues they may have at hand.

The media intelligence industry of today is more dynamic than ever before and our clients are certainly faced with new challenges and a fresh set of hoops to jump through each day. Cutting through the noise to deliver timely and relevant media intelligence is not done easily, and making sense of it is even harder to do.

Our NZ clients understand the power of media data and really value the localised, trusted advisor relationship that Isentia is delivering. Providing a platform for my team to all reach greater heights and make our clients look even better in the process is what really drives me and gets me out of bed each morning.

The way that we have been able to listen to client needs and improve this essential process for them is a perfect example of Isentia development at its best. The new reports that I’ve been seeing are living and visually spectacular documents that you really want to share. I know that the whole Isentia NZ team and every client I’ve spoken to are very excited by the new features which is really rewarding to hear.

A favourite feature of mine is definitely the inclusion of a customised header – did you know you can even use GIFs to really bring your report to life? The ability to add in external content is also a game changer for our clients, as well as the new customisable sections that make navigating larger reports much easier to do.

I’ve always found that if you set your compass based on what is best for the clients, then you are rarely off-track.

Russ Horell
Country Manager for Isentia NZ


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