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June 24, 2019

3 ways social media can add value

Connect, engage and communicate with your audience

As our media environment becomes increasingly digital, there is a growing number of use cases to boost your business or brand through social media.

By creating a cohesive media presence, you can ultimately provide a positive customer journey for your brand and effectively engage your target audiences. Here we share 3 ways social media can add value to your business.

Brand awareness

Social media is a key tactic to engage your target audience and allows accessibility for potential and existing customers. It’s valuable to utilise various social media platforms to increase your exposure, increase your reach and to allow easy distribution of your brands content and voice. To achieve this, invest a few hours each week to keep your content fresh and relevant.

Lead generation

78% of small businesses using social media to attract new customers. Showcasing your expertise via blogs, online white papers and webinars are examples of great ways to generate leads and are transforming how businesses market themselves.

Not only can social media assist with generating new leads, it also allows deeper relationships to be built with existing clients – ultimately driving loyalty. Engaging your audience in fun and interesting ways via a collection of content and posts that appeal to the lifestyle and needs of your end-user will keep your audience interested and informed.

Increase revenue

Effectively utilising your social accounts is paramount to not just communicating, but also promoting your brand and showcasing key messages.

Social media can be a treasure for revenue, but it all depends on how you use it. With various social platforms as options for interacting with your audience, it can be difficult to know where to spend your time and money to drive more revenue. By using authentic content that engages your audience, you can amplify your communications and leverage all aspects of your business as well as helping your business’ bottom line.


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