SEA Trend Reports

In this Southeast Asia Trend Reports Series, we set to uncover the discussions and changes in consumers’ behaviours and sentiments within various industries in the emerging markets.

Download our whitepapers below to get a more in-depth understandings of the industry, delivered by our award-winning Insights team!

SEA Trendspotting Report: The Telecommunications Industry in the Philippines

Both internet and telecommunications services have become primary needs for consumers in this digital era, especially in a COVID-19 – stricken Philippines. There is a growing demand for telecommunications companies to deliver continuous and reliable services to their subscribers. As a result, thousands of digital public feedback on the benefits and lapses among the Philippines’ Internet Service Providers’ (ISP) services have flooded online – a rich source of critical data-driven decisions for telco industry players.

In this whitepaper, we identified the good, the bad, and the newbie, that have led social conversations in the market.

SEA Trendspotting Report: The Retail Industry and COVID-19 Essentials in the Philippines

The COVID-19 pandemic required people to change their lifestyle and behaviour in everyday life. It also created a new demand for the essentials to surviving the pandemic, especially for the retail industry.

In this whitepaper, we set out to provide the retail industry with an understanding of the consumers’ behaviours. Specifically, what and how people talk about COVID-19 essentials on different social media platforms.