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November 7, 2019

Isentia expands suite of products and services with new Reputation Analysis

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 7 November 2019

Isentia (ASX:ISD) has today launched a new form of Reputation Analysis, that is set to be a game-changer in traditional market research circles. Isentia’s Reputation Analysis blends organic social media conversations and survey data to provide a more comprehensive and modern view of what the public says, thinks and feels about an organisation. It’s designed to help organisations across APAC benchmark, strategise and measure reputation.

Isentia’s Reputation Analysis uses an integrated framework that examines the three most important drivers of organisational reputation: strategy, culture, and delivery. All three drivers are analysed independently, and the report includes an overall RepID score on a scale of -10 to +10 which integrates the strategy, culture and delivery scores, as well as providing detailed information on performance across each driver.

Ngaire Crawford, Head of Insights, New Zealand said, “Reputation is what people say about you when you leave the room: what they say, what they don’t say, or whether they say anything at all, are all contributing factors to an organisation’s reputation. By using a combination of social media and survey analysis to reveal what people are saying, as well as what they think of an organisation at a given point in time, we are able to provide a more robust, accurate and tactical view of reputation”.

Isentia’s Reputation Analysis provides communicators, marketers and business leaders with insights and recommendations on areas of opportunity and weak spots, with a particular focus on ‘neutral’ audiences, to help move the needle.

Isentia has identified one of the biggest opportunities for organisations to sway their reputation to a more favourable state is to tap into their neutral or ambivalent audience – the segment which usually represents a larger portion of their target audience.

“The ones who think negatively about a company are usually too far gone to be won over, whereas the ones who sit on the fence, are the low-hanging fruit. Isentia Reputation Analysis helps businesses identify the ‘gold in the gray and spot the opportunities to influence or change the right people’s behaviours, perceptions and beliefs around a brand, further expanding advocacy base, increasing reputation value, and leading to an upward trend in their overall RepID score. Our goal is to help marketers and business leaders turn apathy into advocacy,” added Crawford.

As the latest addition to a growing suite of products and services, Isentia’s Reputation Analysis stands to connect the dots for many clients across APAC who are looking to understand the full impact their efforts are having in influencing the perceptions and decision making of key audiences.

Isentia’s CEO & Managing Director, Ed Harrison commented:

“ We’re well known for helping organisations monitor when, where and how often their news appears. Reputation Analysis gives clients the power to see the other side of that coin. Are their actions changing how audiences think, feel and act in relation to their organisation, and are they simply on the wrong channel or reaching the wrong demographic. We see first-hand how quickly stories can change and the impact that can have on an organisations reputation – the new framework gives clients the ability to track this more regularly and act on recommendations designed to improve and protect the value that reputation holds”.

The unique combination of social media and survey data also means Isentias can move faster and turn analysis around in shorter time frames compared with more traditional players.

“The problem with traditional long-form market research is by the time you get the results and the analysis, your reputation may have already shifted, and it’s too late to make decisions based on outdated data. Isentia Reputation Analysis represents the next evolution in insights for our clients and we’re really excited to offer research that is simple, clear and actionable.” concluded Crawford.

Isentia Reputation Analysis is available now. Please click below for more information https://isentia.com/reputation-analysis


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