Welcome to a new kind of data intelligence. The kind that doesn’t just look back, but helps you look forward and that transforms information into insight. And that goes beyond content and coverage to offer genuine strategy.

Everything we do is driven by data, but as a business we are:

Powered by technology
Inspired by people

Our business depends and relies upon powerful technology, but it’s built on strong relationships. That’s because we’re not just about information or even innovation – we’re about problem solving.

About Isentia

Information without insight is noise. Insight without action is useless. That’s why we’ve reinvented media intelligence – to make it more than a measurement tool or frame of reference, but a go-to resource in developing our clients’ strategies.

We call it real data intelligence.

Real data intelligence is centred on our clients – creating value for their organisation by informing their decision-making with data, and shaping their conversations with highly impactful content.

Powered by industry-leading technology and inspired by our team of world class experts, our vision is to help organisations leap forward - into places only genuine insight can take them.

Our view of the way our business will look in 2020 focusses on fully integrating our three business streams, namely Media & Intelligence, Research & Insights and Strategy & Content to ensure we are:

Powered by technology.
Inspired by people.

Isentia (ASX:ISD) is APAC’s leading integrated Media Intelligence, Insights and Content Marketing business. Through both innovative, market leading SaaS as well as strategic advice and direction, Isentia works with over 5,000 clients across 15 countries providing data, analysis, content and consulting services around the clock.