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The Benevolent Society

The Benevolent Society recently celebrated 200 years as Australia’s first charity and worked with Isentia’s Research & Insights team to learn more about their online audiences, and better tailor communications to extend the reach of their key messages.

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The Challenge

The Benevolent Society recently celebrated 200 years as Australia’s first charity.

There are hundreds of other ‘Benevolent Societies’ in Australia and around the world so a means was needed to measure who was talking about them, when and where, and to be able to filter through all the irrelevant mentions about other societies with a similar name.

The Solution

  • Monitoring all of its social media mentions in one place, at one time, made measuring and reporting easy.
  • Daily inbox alerts were established so mentions could be monitored and actioned daily.
  • Alerts meant that the organisation didn’t need to search for the results because they arrived automatically.
  • The alerts allowed them to be responsive, answer questions, and promote events to interested stakeholders.

Actionable Insight

The Benevolent Society’s 200 Years Celebration reached people from all walks of life, from existing clients, staff and supporters to new audience groups who had not heard about the organisation before.

The results that came back about other ‘Benevolent Societies’ were useful too, so they knew who else was operating in the same space with a similar name.

A number of people who had a historical connection to the Benevolent Society also made contact with them. For some, seeing the organisation in the media prompted them to research their family history, then make contact online when commencing their search.

The Verdict

The results allowed the organisation to learn more about their online audiences, and better tailor communications to extend the reach of their key messages.

Daily monitoring and reporting was quick and easy, allowing the organisation to promptly respond to anyone who was in need of help, or looking for one of their services.

Daily reports provided a neat way to easily collect user generated content – and the data is stored for life, so past mentions can be retrieved at any time.


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