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March 10, 2020

Ministry of Public Health, Thai AirAsia and AIS Lead Thailand’s Reputation Ranking for fighting the COVID-19

Bangkok, 9 March 2020 – Isentia, APAC’s leading media intelligence and insights specialist have released a list of ‘Most Reputable Brands of Thailand fighting the COVID-19’.

Isentia’s Reputation Rankings report uses key data from the mainstream media to rate the performance of brands fighting the COVID-19 across the three pillars of the Reputation Framework namely Strategy, Culture and Delivery.

Ministry of Public Health was viewed as the most reputable brand in Thailand fighting the COVID-19 while Thai AirAsia (AirAsia also came in first in Malaysia and fourth in Indonesia) and AIS rounded off the top three position. Huawei, Airports of Thailand, Muang Thai Life Assurance and Lazada followed closely with commendable efforts and took the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh position respectively.

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health showed proactiveness in handling the COVID-19 crisis by initiating processes to prevent a pandemic since early January which contributed to very low COVID-19 infection rate in Thailand.

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health was also praised for swift responsive actions to curb the spread of fake news and create fear among the Thailand citizens through promptly releasing updates on the COVID-19 situation.

Thai AirAsia demonstrated quick response in managing the COVID-19 crisis and showed sincere care and concern for their customer by allowing them to postpone or cancel their flights free of charge. Thai AirAsia also volunteered their help to repatriate all stranded Thailand’s citizen back from Wuhan free of charge despite the COVID-19 risk leading to earning a good reputation for the brand. Thai AirAsia scored well on the Strategy pillar for their decisive and quick response, as well as the Culture pillar for caring for their customers.

AIS was commended for expressing sincere care and concern for all the people affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in China. AIS also received positive feedback through initiatives such as offering complimentary roaming service to customers in China to contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Beijing and to make emergency calls to AIS for support.

In addition, AIS also volunteered to participate in an initiative to educate Village Health Volunteer about COVID-19 and other related health information. AIS too scored on their Strategy pillar for their leadership and decisiveness as well as their Culture pillar for their generosity and sincere care to their customers during this COVID-19 crisis.

Prashant Saxena, Head of Insights for Asia, Isentia mentioned “Crisis response to COVID-19 also presents brands with an opportunity to improve their reputation. The business continuity strategy, strength of internal culture and customer-first delivery are the three ways in which brands can support their worried customers better. “

For this study, six weeks’ worth of data was harvested and processed from a total of 6k+ Thailand-based public social media channels. Posts were tagged into three reputation pillars
and its fifteen sub-attributes through machine learning, contextual assessments and qualitative deep dives.

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