June 25, 2021

ISENTIA VN CASE STUDY – Hoai Linh and His Charity Scandal: What Has He Lost?

As storms and flooding hit Vietnam’s central region in the past month, many artists called on local donors for support, including Hoài Linh. Linh stated he was sad to see many people struggle with the floods, telling benefactors to send money to his bank account. On his Facebook page, Linh released a statement, saying that he plans to head to the Central region with the money received.  While many other artists have travelled to the Central region and showed financial support, people have yet to see Linh visit the area. 

According to Linh, the money was still in his bank account, and he had not donated because of the COVID-19 outbreak. With this, the statements have been noted by netizens as suspicious.  In May 2021, businesswoman Nguyễn Phương Hằng affirmed via her live stream that Linh had not transferred the donated funds to the flooding victims in the Central region of Vietnam.  

Isentia, the leading media intelligence organisation in Asia-Pacific, has uncovered the latest issues on the celebrity’s

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