The knowledge you need with the tools to do something with it

In order to take the right action at the right moment, your organisation needs to know when business conditions have changed and what levers can be pulled to be most effective.

Never miss a beat and create alerts to suit your day

News won’t wait until you’re at your desk, nor will it ask for permission to go viral. Mediaportal is designed with this in mind. With powerful alerts and rich notifications to keep you and your teams informed anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Depending on how you work and the needs of your team, you can control when and how you stay notified. Set up regular alerts ahead of morning meetings or be ‘always on’ with live alerts on the topics most important to you. You can even determine how content is grouped and who receives it – providing instant intelligence and greater opportunity for swift action.

Target your efforts and engage the right people

Mediaportal’s analytics dashboard helps you instantly identify the voices and outlets influencing conversations and driving behaviours. In a crisis, this can be incredibly powerful in understanding who’s amplifying negative coverage and who can help distribute messaging to correct misinformation.

Drill down further with our Connect module and see greater details including their Twitter handles, LinkedIn profiles, contact details and other intel like additional media items journalists and influences have produced.

Create and distribute media releases with extra help from Mediaportal

Get your message out there with the help of our Connect module. With media release templates, an extensive media directory and industry updates that give you the scoop on who’s moved, who’s been hired and who’s been fired. Define your audience and search contacts by topic, media type, industry, roles and keywords, or narrow your scope using geo-location for highly local content.

Connect will also give you some recommended contacts based on what you’re already monitoring in Mediaportal, and the freedom to upload your own list for bespoke distribution.

Save time by using our ready-made media release templates that can include rich media images and embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo for greater impact.

Communicate across your organisation, as well as outside of it

Targeting communications internally can be just as important as external communications, to ensure everyone in an organisation is working from the same intelligence and can take action if needed.

Isentia’s Briefings product helps solve this challenge by providing a curated and comprehensive snapshot of the latest news, delivered across your organisation in a format that is unmatched in media intelligence. Through extensive research and experience, as the leading provider throughout Corporate and Government sectors, we have a design led Briefing with content selection tailored to your specific guidelines. From the time you receive it, to the topics that matter, to the key people who need to know – we deliver a professional, mobile-first, digest of the headlines that your people should know.

  • Improved accessibility – designed to look good on any screen, Briefings are great for today’s mobile workforce and are powered by technology crafted for accessibility and deliverability needs.
  • Sharp and clean design – grab attention with clean layouts, contemporary headers and your own branding for a more organised and on-brand view of your coverage.
  • The curated touch – let our experts curate the most relevant media items to include in your Briefing, based on your specifications right down to the media type.

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