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At Isentia we understand the complexity of media and online narratives around events such as the Federal Budget. Communicators and policy makers need to be across media, search and social conversations in order to get the facts in real time.

As the only Australian media intelligence provider with a fully resourced office in the Press Gallery at Australian Parliament House, our inside access ensures you are immediately across key Budget details, reactions and responses.

From the cost of living, the transition of energy, climate change, health and more, our range of political news services give you all the details into the Federal Government’s priorities impacting your organisation, the Australian economy, industries and sectors.

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Budget Pulse Dashboard

Continue to be informed throughout the day with our subscription based Budget Pulse Dashboard. 

An Australian first, by using the smartest AI powered tools in the market you can analyse the most comprehensive integrated news, search and social media data pertaining to this year’s Budget. The Budget Pulse Dashboard helps you stay one step ahead by showing you trends, identifying stakeholders and navigating the narratives. 

Going beyond how the media is covering the Budget – these insights show  how audiences are reacting to it, throughout the day.

Federal Budget Daily Briefing

In a period of heightened media coverage, we know how overwhelming it can be to cut through to the coverage that’s important to you.

Our dedicated Budget Daily Briefing will save you time and help you make sense of the political noise. 

Editorially curated, it provides a succinct summary of the most important political media coverage – all in one place. 

In the lead up to, and the week of the Budget, we’ll ensure your organisation and internal stakeholders are informed with the news that matters.

Delivered to your inbox each morning, 7 days a week from Monday 17 April 2023.

Bespoke alerting

Receive bespoke live alerts after the Budget lock-up release and learn of the key budget announcements and programs concerning your organisation. We understand the needs of our clients and provide a near-immediate and comprehensive service, like no other.

Federal Budget summary report

Our team attends the Budget lock up, reviewing the Budget papers, press releases and the Treasurer’s press conference. From here, a comprehensive overview report is written, highlighting the key expenditure and announcements, sent as the lock up ends and the Budget is handed down.

Conga line live stream

As the only media intelligence service with access to the conga line inside Parliament House – our live stream of the conga line delivers immediate stakeholder perspectives. Watch the responses, opinions and critical commentary from industry and politicians, as it happens.

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