Isentia Insights: The Energy Transition Series

The transition to more sustainable energy sources has the potential to change the lives of every Australian. 

Isentia’s Energy Transition Series captures the insights that will empower your organisation to stay ahead. Released in three parts, each report provides a full and comprehensive analysis across media, public discussion and political activity.  This data enables Australians, businesses, communicators and policymakers to understand the size and direction of change in the nation’s energy sector.


The Energy Transition in Australia 

Many Australians are facing the struggle to keep the air-conditioner running, putting food on the table, and ensuring there’s a roof over their head. Government promises to improve energy efficiency and position Australia as a global leader in decarbonisation could just be hot air, but we can see an evident change in how Australians are discussing energy. 

Isentia energy series Venn diagram

Why should you be concerned?

The cost of living is a major concern for all Australians. The significant impact on people’s financial security has left many Australians struggling.

The Government has promised to take action to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, which could help to reduce energy bills for families.

This is an important step forward in tackling the issue of rising cost of living, as it will help to ensure that people are able to access the energy they need at a reasonable price.

Energy series

Multiple networks and sources are powering the headlines around Australia’s energy sector, but do you know who is directing public opinion and what drives discussion and understanding?

Dig into the stories framing the energy sector across Australia today, and equip your business with:

  • influential milestones/key moments shifting the industry 
  • analyses of media drivers and narrators,
  • Influential voices and communities.
  • The difference between media reporting and public response.

Australia's energy transition

The Labor and Liberal party are plugging their policies on energy in the lead-up to the May Federal Budget. The budget will further set the agenda for the transition to renewables, and this analysis will look at political voices and the impact of the budget on how people feel about renewables.

Don’t get your wires crossed; connect with the data that:

  • exposes the active political voices, and their topic hits and misses.
  • unearths the advocates and detractors of political opinion.
  • highlights trusted third-party experts.
  • details the energy transition’s knock-on effect into the budget.


Australia's energy transition

Audience and media intelligence informs a comprehensive predictive analysis of Australia’s energy future–whether that’s a clear road to clean energy or one blocked by government backflips and media spin.

Make the right connections for your organisation and stakeholders with:

  • an analysis of the dominant current and future technologies proposed to support the Aussie energy transition.
  • a breakdown of industry body debate and its future outlook.
  • the emerging messages within the energy conversation.
  • profiles on new voices, communities and channels. 
  • a focused audience discovery for new energy tech.

The Isentia Energy Transition Series–your essential circuit-breaker against weak data-points.

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