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Know what your audience reads, watches, hears and engages with
Capture what your audience say and how they feel
Analyse what your audience does and what impact this may have
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Monitoring is in our DNA. Every second we ingest millions of media items and the associated media data, from social media, online sources, broadcast channels and print media. Whether you want to monitor brand reputation, competitor movements or specific topics and industry news, we deliver the media that matters.

Whether it’s a tweet, blog or interview, coverage is the launch pad to explore your news, see more detail, discover its origins, tweak keywords, search for that hot topic, or even compile, analyse and share what you’ve uncovered.

  • Monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Across print, online, tv, radio and social
  • Delivered with speed, accuracy and reliability

Design your experience with our suite of products and services

Mobile app

See which outlet or media contact is influencing coverage and contact them quickly with instant access to contact details.


Explore your data, create customised graphs and design reports that grab attention.


Craft the report that’s right for your audience with several flexible formats.


Fast alerts and notifications to ensure you don’t miss a thing, no matter what time of day.

End-to-end earned and owned media solution

With over 6,000,000 different sources, our coverage is extensive, multilingual and integrated so you can view your social, digital and traditional channels all together, and understand what’s driving impact.

By bringing different media types together in one platform, your monitoring view is holistic and can enable collaboration between teams from Marketing, PR, Human Resources, Legal and external agencies.

  • Share of voice, share of mind – What’s your share in the conversation, against competitors and how much is generated by key audiences?

  • Message cut-through – Has your message made it to the right audience, and are they engaging with it?

  • Audience sentiment – What do your customers, partners and niche audiences think or feel about it?

  • Geo-location – Where is your media content coming from and what language is it?

  • Influential voices – Which voices and outlets are amplifying or could amplify your messages for greater cut-through?

Maximise your time and organise your media, your way

With our integrated media suite, you have everything you need to capture content in one place with the flexibility to arrange it in a way that makes sense for you.

From personalised folders, powerful filters, targeted alerts and customised dashboards you have the tools to target efforts and boost efficiency. Navigate and search easily with a localised interface available in Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese as well as English.

We inform thousands of marketing, communications and business decisions every day.

We’ll take the time to understand your goals, priorities and what you’re looking to capture to ensure your content is delivered quickly and in a format that works for you.

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