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By combining the best data, technology and insights, we give you an added layer of intelligence that can help you evaluate performance, protect your brand and inform your strategy.

Get the full story of your market, customers, products and partners with unrivalled insights

Every organisation is unique.

From different data sets and customer journeys to strategic objectives and competitor landscapes – there are a lot of problems to solve, and just as many opportunities to be discovered.

Insights with impact

Our research approach is collaborative and tailored to your needs, budget and time requirements. From chart selection, to data display and the level of commentary required, we’ll work with you to define the right solution.

We know that it is most effective when evaluation and research links key objectives with real outcomes for your organisation. Whether you need to drive discussions around budget, demonstrate what’s working and why, identify opportunities for R&D or inform strategy – our experts will work with you to define what will make a measurable impact.

Understand perception, and engage the right people or partner for greater influence

Our analysts will help you understand what consumer groups are saying and which content is resonating. From there we can highlight the risks and opportunities for your organisation or brand to help you enter new markets, connect with the best influencers, initiate a rebrand, launch a product or improve existing tactics for measurable results.

Measure, set benchmarks and make your case

Let our team do the hard work for you. We’ll consolidate and analyse different data sets to help you make sense of what you’re seeing and deliver data-driven recommendations that are ready to present to any audience including C-Suite and Boards.

Protect, pivot and gauge reactions to the overall conversations or messaging

A brand builds value over time but can be quickly taken away if you’re not crisis-ready. Our insights solutions can help you prepare, react and weigh the impact of what’s happened. This is critical when brand value is intangible, and leaders aren’t armed with the information they need. We’ll help you identify weak spots and work with you on how we can help to manage in crisis, or simply protect that value you’ve built.

Award winning work

Our work has been recognised on the international stage, and continues to set Industry benchmarks across measurement, evaluation and insights driven research.

AMEC Awards


Hosted by AMEC, the world’s largest media intelligence and insights professional organisation, the AMEC Awards celebrate the exceptional work and accomplishments of research, measurement and analytics for businesses and government campaigns.

Isentia has received more than 45 awards at AMEC and continues to advocate for ongoing innovation in the field of media evaluation and communications research.

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  • Gold for Best crisis comms measurement and reporting: Plus Expressway – Managing Crisis and Reputation 
  • Gold for Best evaluation on a small budget (<$10,000): ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Study) – Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade this Chinese New Year
  • Gold for Best first step on a measurement journey: Sport Australia – Athletes as Role Models
  • Gold  for Most impactful client recommendations arising from a measurement study: Sport Australia – Athletes as Role Models
  • Silver for Most effective planning, research and evaluation in consumer communications: SM Supermalls – Maximising Consumer Advocacy in the Philippines

Spark Awards


The Spark Awards are regional premier awards that celebrate the best media solutions, products and services that answer the questions, “Who are the most trustworthy and effective partners in the region?, Which ad tech companies and media owners made the most of their budgets, and delivered the right content to the right consumers at the right time?”

  • Media Excellence – Best Martech Solution – Social Listening

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AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies Award


The Australian Financial Review BOSS Most Innovative Companies (previously the BRW Most Innovative Companies list) ranks the most innovative organisations from across industries in Australia and New Zealand. Isentia has made the shortlist for 2019 and is looking forward to the awards later in the year.

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MARKies Awards


The MARKies Awards recognise and reward the most innovative, creative and effective campaigns spanning Singapore’s entire marketing services industry.

  • Silver for Most Effective Use – Consumer Insights and Market Research: ACRES ‘Because Wildlife Matters’ Campaign

Markies awards

MARKies Awards

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