Isentia’s Daily Briefings: Your Digestible Daily News Feed.

Start your day on the front foot, with our comprehensive and editorially curated news summary.

 A daily news summary relevant to you 

Briefings are a critical snapshot of the latest news, delivered to your organisation in a mobile-friendly format, curated by our expert editorial team and personalised to your topic preferences.

We create a professional and easy to read report of what’s made the headlines. Daily Briefings are:

  • Customisable across coverage and frequency options
  • Curated by our expert editorial team
  • Delivered to key stakeholders within your organisation

Choose your topics, get briefed daily

Guided by your requirements, our team of editors identifies and summarises your coverage to deliver an effective overview of the media that matters.

We search for coverage around your key topics from TV, Newspapers, Social Media, Online and Radio and send you a comprehensive update that looks beautiful on any device.

In your inbox, as early as 6am, our Daily Briefings capture the latest headlines so you’re always informed.

  • Cut through the noiseWe know you receive hundreds of clips a day. Our Daily Briefings deliver a succinct summary of the key media items shaping your day.
  • Be armed and prepared – Available 365 days a year, our Daily Briefings provide a wrap up of what’s happening, so you can better respond, react and prioritise your activities.
  • Adaptable to suit your needs Starting a new campaign? Undergoing a change of business structure? Need more personalised stakeholder media reports or board media reports?  Update your Briefing as often as needed, from alternating headings or sections to requesting clips outside your usual scope, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your service.
With Daily Briefings, our customers get a curated summary of their media coverage delivered to their inbox every morning. The professional, clean design makes reading across any device a breeze and the enhanced delivery platform ensures relevant content is delivered from 6am daily, up to 7 days a week!
John Ewart
Product Director - Daily Briefings

Target your communications internally with Daily Briefings and ensure everyone in your organisation is working from the same intelligence and can take action when needed.

Our daily news summary provides a curated and comprehensive snapshot of the latest news, delivered across your organisation in a format that is unmatched in media intelligence. From the time you receive it, to the topics that matter, to the key people who need to know – we deliver a professional, mobile-friendly, digest of the media coverage your people should know.

topics for your brief

Our comprehensive Daily Briefings service includes

  • A daily news summary highlighting your priority media coverage across major publications including links to the original story.
  • Clean and easy-to-digest coverage overview of all media types delivered in plain text, HTML or Word format.
  • Organised sections for brand mentions, competitors, industry news, key publications, journalists and more.
  • Delivered via email, straight to your whole team or executive leaders, to ensure everyone is kept informed.
  • Time savings of up to 21 hours a week, so you can focus your efforts on the things that matter.

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