Your weekly summary of all local government media coverage

Our dedicated local government weekly Briefing allows you to communicate across your organisation, as well as outside of it.

A comprehensive snapshot of the news from the week, delivered to your inbox in a format that is unmatched in media intelligence.


Target communications internally

As the leading provider throughout Government sectors, our Briefing has content from each region within your state covering key media items about local government topics and issues.

Our summary of highlights from online channels delivers an easy to digest collection of what’s making headlines to the key people who need to know.


Our weekly local government Briefing, provides a weekly summary of the news, topics and opinion making headlines related to local governments. The professional, clean design makes reading across any device a breeze and the enhanced delivery platform ensures relevant content is delivered weekly - straight to their inbox.
John Ewart
Product Director - Daily Briefings

Why a weekly briefing for the local government?

  • Get a head start on your day and update key stakeholders within your organisation to ensure everyone is kept informed and action can be taken if required.
  • Save time and remove morning pressures with a reliable Briefings service, sent straight to your inbox each week. 
  • Our enhanced delivery platform will ensure relevant content is delivered to you weekly.
  • Cut through the noise – our Briefing provides a succinct summary of the key media items from online sources relevant to local government news, topics and opinion.
  • Clean and easy-to-digest overview delivered in plain text, HTML or word format.


Understand your local media landscape

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