Media Impact & Coverage Reports

Kami tahu bahwa media dapat mencerminkan dan mempengaruhi pandangan, opini, dan persepsi. Laporan Media Impact kami memberikan informasi berharga tentang volume liputan media, jangkauan audiens, dan metrik keterlibatan sosial, di berbagai wilayah atau kategori untuk membantu strategi media dan PR Anda.

Mengingat sifat media yang berkembang pesat dan selalu berubah, keahlian analis kami sangat penting dalam memberi Anda laporan komprehensif yang mudah dipahami dan ditindaklanjuti.

Robust benchmarking and in-depth analysis

Our in-depth media analysis is designed to help you understand your organisation’s Media Impact and demonstrate the effective execution of your media strategy and tactics. 

Based on behavioural insights into media consumption, our metrics provide a comprehensive analysis that gives you a thorough understanding of the likely impact and effects of media coverage on your target audience.

Our Media Impact reports allow you to:

  • Analyse for points of view, narratives, messaging and sources so that you can understand the full picture and where you fit.
  • Establish benchmarks and measure KPIs
  • Manage breaking issues; 
  • Spotlight social media insights; and
  • Understand your media landscape

Discover your Media Impact Score

Our best practice, Media Impact Score methodology is based on the tone of your media coverage as well as the likely impact of that coverage on your key audiences and communities. Taking your key message traction, spokesperson presence and media positioning into account, you can determine the success and effectiveness of your communication efforts. 

We provide seamless integration across all media types without sacrificing what is unique to each medium. Our methodology can be customised to your media strategy and what success looks like for your organisation.

Understand the quality and impact of your organisation’s media coverage

Your score is the result of an in-depth analysis of the channels and conversations surrounding your brand or chosen topic. These include:

  • Placement of articles – where an item is and the impact this may have on audience exposure.

  • Topics – where topics are discussed and reported, and their relative importance to you.

  • Tone of content – identifying extreme language, positioning and imagery that can impact overall meaning.

  • Positioning of context – such as key messages, headline, prominent mention, passing mention.

  • Messages – the strength of messages communicated in articles.

  • Images – photos, illustrations, charts, cartoons, or the image content or video.

  • Sources quoted – individuals and organisations present in any item and what they were communicating.

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