Segmentation & Audience Personas

Discover what you didn’t know about your audience personas.

Gauge information you never knew about your audience to execute the strongest persona marketing campaigns against your objectives.

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Understand your audience to guide your strategy and execution

Unlock powerful audience data with Isentia’s Audience Personas software and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

We combine historical and live conversational and behavioural data across a huge spectrum of data sources – from Facebook & Instagram to TikTok, Reddit and more.

Gain valuable insights on the topics you care about to measure trends & communities.

Print monitoring and coverage

  • Global Expertise with Local Market Approach: Strong understanding of the media landscape

  • Data Coverage: Comprehensive range of media sources (print, online, social, broadcast).

  • Social + Mainstream + Search + 1st Party Data

  • In-platform analysis with customizable reports and charting

  • Data processing with the latest machine learning and AI capabilities

  • Flexible reporting options, including KPI – Sentiment and Trends

  • Data enriched with customised AI-models (on top of OpenAI and Google’s base LLMs) and in-platform segmentation

  • Expertise in social listening + audience segmentation + Influencer identification + Media Contact Database

Measure your social media reach

Power your communication strategy with actionable social listening services from local and international sources.

We make the vast and complex world of social media simple. With higher volumes of content, our deep suite of charts provides the perfect place to understand social media trends and act on them.

Measure Social Media Monitoring

Social Listening within your Daily Briefing

We understand the complexity of communications, and the importance of getting you relevant social listening data, in an easy-to-read format.

Our comprehensive Daily Briefing includes social media monitoring in a digital format, plus media coverage from online and broadcast outlets. Using a combination of technology and humans in the loop, we deliver a curated view of the news relevant to your organization, at a time and frequency that suits you.

Awards and recognition

In direct competition with global agencies, dedicated research companies and ANZ competitors, we have won the most prestigious research and innovation awards.

Winner of 5 AMEC Awards in 2022 

  • Gold – Best use of integrated communication measurement/research
  • Silver – Plain language award for simplicity in campaign effectiveness measurement and reporting
  • Silver – Most effective planning, research and evaluation in public and not-for-profit sectors
  • Bronze – Most impactful client recommendations arising from a measurement study
  • Bronze – Most effective planning, research and evaluation in consumer communications

Consecutive AMEC Winner From 2014 – 2022

Google Cloud Customer Award 2021 – Media and Entertainment

AFR Boss Most Innovative Companies Award 2017, 2018, 2021 – Most Innovative Companies

We use technology to deliver the speed, intelligence and solutions clients need, however it’s through our talented people that innovation and game-changers come to life. We bring only the best press clippings service to your organisation.

Experience the difference when working with a client-focused media intelligence team that truly understands your business.