We connect critical data capture and analysis with deep investigation and valuable insights to help shape your big-picture thinking, inform astute business decisions and enrich your client conversations.

We’ve acquired some of the best brands and people from around the world, creating a brand new model that connects media intelligence, strategic insight and content creation.

We've evolved into something
greater, so you can too.

With our collective talent, the opportunities for your business are now limitless. We are stronger, smarter and more flexible than ever – and we’re able to offer new benchmarks in service.

The union of three outstanding businesses, Isentia is a multi-faceted insights company that can help you move in any direction, with confidence like never before.


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Whether it’s analysis, information, advice or content, when you break it down, what we really offer is problem-solving. We are a catalyst for change – the influence that moves a situation from challenge to opportunity.

That’s why we’ve made the mathematical symbol for ‘therefore’ the iconic symbol of our brand. ‘Therefore’ reflects the nature of our business as a problem solver, and allows us to highlight the positive outcomes we create.

The new Isentia will heighten your business engagement strategy, so you can more accurately predict outcomes and proactively plan for the future.

We’ll continue to seek answers to the questions you haven’t yet asked and reveal unique opportunities, because we want your business to continue to learn, grow and succeed.

However you’ve come to know us, and however you’ve come to use us up till now, it’s only a small proportion of what we can now offer you as Isentia. From cut-through content, to data-based insights and informed marketing strategies, we can partner you in all kinds of decision-making, to ensure your business is making all the right moves. We’re proud to be able to present the new Isentia brand to you, and are so excited by the impact we know our new united offering can have on your business.