SEA Trendspotting Reports

As part of the Southeast Asia Trend Reports Series, we have set to uncover the discussions and changes in consumers’ behaviours and sentiments within various industries in the emerging markets.

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SEA Trendspotting Report: The E-commerce Industry and Delivery Couriers’ Brand Impact in the Philippines

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipinos have looked for ways to adapt to the ever-changing commerce landscape. Businesses big and small have searched for ways to reach out to the market, with one of the particular adjustments that companies have adopted is the use of delivery couriers.


Isentia, the leading media intelligence organization in Asia-Pacific, provides readers with an understanding of the trending topics for the e-commerce industry. Specifically the growing courier service industry here in the Philippines and, in the end, translating said trends into actionable insights.

SEA Trendspotting Report: The Alcohol and Tobacco Industry in the Philippines

The COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines has not hindered Filipinos to find ways to enjoy and relax. Among those activities of leisure may include alcohol and tobacco consumption.

From marketing campaigns to online sentiments, this paper aims to provide readers with an understanding of how consumer behaviour has changed in terms of alcohol and tobacco consumption, with Isentia translating said trends into actionable insights.