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Our Retail Industry Briefing provides you with the latest online media coverage, news and trend data impacting your organisation.

Receive your editorially curated summary of key news each week. 


We deliver a curated and comprehensive snapshot of retail industry news, allowing you to prioritise activities and focus on the right path

Today, the pressures on retailers to stay relevant in the eyes of consumers is stronger than ever. Consumers are shopping differently, paying differently and shifting towards more sustainable and ethical approaches.

Our Retail Industry Briefing gives you a weekly summary of Australian online media coverage related to the retail industry landscape, arming you with the tools to act appropriately and be on the front foot. 

Retail Industry Briefing

Everything you need to know about the Retail Industry

The Retail Industry Briefing will cover all aspects of the retail industry – one of the hardest-hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The weekly briefing delivers an editorially curated summary of news, issues and statistics about bricks and mortar retail outlets, online retail, payment methods and retail trends, every Thursday at 9:30am.

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An overview of the media that matters

Our Retail Industry Briefing will help you target communications within your organisation as well as outside of it. Learn what’s making the headlines throughout the week and ensure the right people are working from the same intelligence so action can be taken when necessary.

We deliver a concise, polished and mobile-friendly briefing that is unmatched in media intelligence.

  • Receive only what’s important – Instead of sifting through hundreds of clips a day, our Briefing provides you with a summary of key online retail news that will help shape your week.
  • Be equipped with the news that’s relevant to you –  so you can better respond, react and prioritise your activities.
  • Flexible to suit your needs – We can customise your briefing based on your requirements, from adding headings or sections to including clips outside your usual request, we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your briefing service. 
Our Retail Industry briefing will help retailers plan for the most critical time of the year. COVID-19 restrictions have complicated the retail industry and retailers will need to adapt and anticipate the challenges ahead to remain relevant to their customers. Staying on top of the latest news, trends, and information has never been more important.
John Ewart
Product Director, Daily Briefings

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