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The Technology Challenge

Communications professionals have never had a greater opportunity to make a difference in their businesses than they do right now.

As media becomes increasingly social, global and always-on, it has a bigger presence in our world. It also has a bigger impact on organisations. The success of companies and agencies depends on the management of media outreach and reaction. It means the role of communications in business has grown within it.

Media has been at the front-line of digital disruption and continues to undergo dramatic change at the hands of technology.

It’s a change so absolute it’s difficult to fully analyse. But the impact of technology on the way we communicate with each other and the world at large certainly bears interrogation.

This is the ambition at the heart of this whitepaper.

It’s also been a catalyst for the creation of Isentia’s Client Advisory Board – senior communications leaders who will help shape the direction of our product innovations. This group recently took part in a roundtable discussion, which forms the basis of this whitepaper.

We tasked our experts to share insights into how their roles have been impacted by technology – the points of tension and, importantly, the opportunities they see it providing.