Isentia's media insight helps Australian Paralympics Committee with strategic media planning

Partnership helps the APC with season-to-season planning.

Isentia has a long established partnership with the Australian Paralympics Committee. Each season the insights and media monitoring iSentia provide has assisted the APC’s media team with planning for the next competition.

APC General Manager, Communications, Tim Mannion, said using the analysis provided by iSentia, the APC has been able to prove a sharp increase in media coverage compared to each previous Paralympic Games.

"As a non-for-profit organisation, this demonstration of growing support for Paralympic sport in Australia through the media provides the APC with a powerful message when working with Government, the corporate sector, our donors and the wider community public when highlighting the impact Paralympic sport can have, particularly for those living with a disability", said Tim. 

Isentia has been involved in a partnership with the APC since the Athens Paralympics in 2004 and has provided the APC with qualitative and quantitative analysis of Australian media coverage for every summer and winter Paralympic Games. Tim says Isentia’s insights help his team prepare for each competition season to season. "The reports and analysis Isentia provides us each time gives us an opportunity to review the impact of our media strategy, the output of our media releases, video, pictures and social media updates. Isentia has evolved as a business and the depth of the analysis has grown and that has helped us sharpen our games planning.”

Tim says: "Following London 2012, the APC endorsed several of the insightful recommendations made by Isentia in its analysis report, including some that we had no hesitation in implementing as part of our social media strategy for the Sochi Winter Games 18 months later."

"The analysis clearly identified a need to inject more resources into the APC’s social media operations, and these findings were indeed valuable when we crafted our social media plans moving forward. The report’s findings also had significant ramifications for our future recruitment of our media staff for the Games campaign, and has seen us target potential candidates with much more diverse skill sets than those targeted at previous Games.’’

"Our relationship with Isentia helps us enable more people with a disability to participate in sport and compete at the highest level. For every dollar we’re able to save, thanks to the services provided by Isentia, we inject it directly into sporting programs which support Australian Paralympians to achieve success on the world stage,’’


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