We aspire to stand out as an exceptional corporate citizen and have set ourselves a goal to:

Improve people’s digital literacy and use our digital literacy to improve people’s lives.

Through The Access Project, Isentia is committed to raising digital literacy standards globally, focussing on the developing nations of the Asia Pacific region.

The United Nations has identified 5 key categories that drive digital literacy, namely: infrastructure; affordability; knowledge; quality; and usage:

Category Variable
  • Fixed telephone subscribers per 100 people
  • Mobile telephone subscribers per 100 people
  • Internet access price as a percentage of GNP per capita
  • Adult literacy
  • Combined primary, secondary and tertiary education enrolments
  • International bandwidth in bits per capita
  • Broadband subscribers per 100 people
  • Internet users per 100 people

Isentia will continue to benchmark requirements against the categories within the DAI and create and publish annual goals for how we as an organisation, will help drive the improvement of digital literacy across our Region.

In addition, Isentia includes hundreds of very capable digitally literate people, whose skills and competencies can be harnessed to improve people’s lives and opportunities, through better use of digital technology. Isentia will continue to support a range of initiatives that connect our digital competencies to organisations that can use them to help other people live more independent lives.