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Media Monitoring software - TV, Radio, Online, Social, Newspaper
Monitor your brand across TV, Radio, Newspaper, Online and Social Media in real-time. Isentia’s platform delivers data relevant to you, while our people provide unmatched support and insights to help clients make great decisions.

Welcome to the “new” media monitoring game

With over 6,000,000 different sources, our coverage is extensive, multilingual and integrated so you can view your social, digital and traditional channels all together, and understand what’s driving impact.
TV, Social media, radio, newspaper, online news

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Monitor Analyse Activate Solve

Stay on top of the action with monitoring you can filter, analyse and make your own

Don’t miss important coverage, conversations or comments with our suite of services, designed to make monitoring quick, easy, and more meaningful.



The fastest way to turn media into everyday insight

Don’t get stuck in spreadsheets, bring your media to life and find out where the action is quickly, with analytics and impactful reporting.


Listening is one thing, acting is another

When you’re the first to know when something important happens, you get the critical head start needed to course correct, alert the right people and target your efforts more effectively. Keep primed tailored alerts and simplify your work to maximise the time you have to identify and activate audience-specific influences or create custom reports to ensure you communicate what’s happening across your organisation, not just outside of it.


Award-winning insights to help solve challenges

We work directly with our customers to solve problems, create new value and deliver concrete, qualified and actionable insights. Dive deep and find fresh insights with help from our expert team to guide strategic decisions, or simply sense check benchmarks and prove ROI. Get a firm grasp of your competitors, influencers, current landscape and the possibilities that are yours for the taking.

It is essential we are promptly and fully informed on important issues as they arise in the mass media. We rely on Isentia's combination of smart technology, real-time monitoring, wide coverage, and 24/7 news-desk service teams to supply us with the fast, accurate, and relevant media intelligence we need.
John Flannery
Public Affairs Director, Australian Medical Association
You made our transition from Meltwater to Isentia so simple and effective. Our new portal is much easier to work with, and I am blown away with the support from your team. Your media contact list is so comprehensive that our media releases are now reaching an extraordinary open rate with resultant publicity outstripping any of our previous attempts to gaining media traction, before we switched to Isentia.
Maree Reason-Cain
Corporate Affairs and Media Advisor, yourtown
The Isentia team has gone above and beyond to provide *SCAPE with comprehensive coverage of the established, and emerging categories and modes of youth engagement. The insights have been invaluable to the team in carrying out their various programmes and also to the management in terms of identifying future areas of development in the youth scene. Kudos to Isentia for their thorough research, personalized service, and professionalism in attending to all our requests.
Haslina Hassan
*SCAPE Strategic Planning

Capture the world’s conversations with real-time media intelligence

use media intelligence to capture the world's coversations

Smart suite, delivered with speed

With the rapidly evolving state of the media landscape, we decided to double down on the things that matter to you: reliability, relevancy, and speed.

Keep your finger on the pulse with a suite of tools that are designed to give you the information you need to make great decisions.

Discover a whole new way of monitoring your coverage, collaborating with your various teams and proactively managing your Communications, PR and Marketing efforts.

  • Live alerts – Be alerted of unusual sikes in media coverage in real-time, directly on your smartphone and take action proactively to stay in control of your narrative.

  • Insights at your fingertips – Data accessibility and smart analytics are the core of our platform. The integrated Analytics Dashboards help you make sense of your coverage through graphs, heat maps, location charts and more.

  • Highly configurable – The modular configuration lets you tailor your experience, or let us guide you through the best setup for your specific needs.

  • Find anything – Stop searching, start finding. Your media items and coverage are readily available for you to discover, sort through, access and share.

Bring it with you

The new mobile app gives you customisable content feeds, flexible notification options and the ability to share items easily from your phone’s native sharing functionality, using everything from sms, email to WhatsApp and Facebook’s Workplace.

Isentia's media monitoring mobile app available on Android and iPhone


Discover the media intelligence platform for high-performing media teams.