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January 19, 2021

5 reasons why Isentia’s Daily Briefings should be your chosen news fix

Wake up with a synopsis of your media coverage and take control of your day

You probably already check the news every morning and every time you consume content, your browser, mobile apps and ‘recommended reads’ get to know more about your consumption preferences. How do you break out of your opt-in preferences to get a 360-degree view of a particular topic at any point in time?

As the leading provider of traditional, social and online media intelligence in Asia-Pacific, our focus is providing what’s needed in an evolving media landscape. Our Daily Briefings product is a mix of technology and people and delivers an editorially curated snapshot of the news important to your organisation, each day.

Daily Briefings enable you to gain an understanding of any of your chosen topics, allowing you to see what’s being said about that topic in the media. You can learn industry-based news and find out what’s happening across the broader industry. Daily Briefings also helps you discover if key publications and journalists are reporting on certain topics.

Here are the 5 top reasons why Isentia’s Daily Briefings should be your chosen news fix each day.

1. Save time and get a 360-degree snapshot of a particular topic

We know how busy your day can be, and we want to save you time. We sift through thousands of articles and compile your priority media clips that shape your daily activities. Daily Briefings is available 362 days a year, with time savings of up to 21 hours per week, giving you the tools to better respond, react and focus your efforts on the things that matter.

The implementation of a new production platform means accelerated efficiencies and delivery of relevant content, ensuring your Briefing is delivered promptly – as early as 4am weekdays and 5:30am on weekends. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your service.

2.  Customisable brand and frequency options

New campaign? Change of business structure? Daily Briefings bring you the most important news on your chosen topics across TV, newspapers, social media, online and radio. We can update your Briefing requirements as often as needed, from alternating headings or sections to requesting clips outside your usual scope. Delivery is available in either HTML, plain text or Word formats for up to 7 days a week – including national and state public holidays.

Essential for any brand or organisation who wants to stay informed with a specific issue, industry, brand or topic, we provide you with a sleek designed Briefing that’s suited to your requirements.

As no organisation is the same, we’ve defined an optimal price point through research and market analysis that accommodates for varying budgets and scope requirements.

We want to ensure you’re always kept informed with the media that matters to you.

3. Conveniently delivered to your inbox before you start your day

Daily Briefings conveniently gives you a succinct summary of the day’s key media items each morning, before you even reach your desk. Be informed of the news that’s been published overnight plus conversations and stories that could trend throughout the day and into tomorrow.

We prevent early morning stress by doing the heavy lifting for you – early morning delivery means you get a head start on your day, allowing more time for a response or prioritising your days’ media activities. Being mobile-friendly, you can read your Briefing while on the go to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

4. A relevant, editorially curated summary

Briefings is a critical daily news summary, with relevant media that matters to you. Reach all members of your organisation, and ensure your multiple stakeholders are kept informed at the right time with the content that’s relevant to them.

Our expert editors, identify and summarise coverage around your key topics from TV, newspapers, social media, online and radio and send you a comprehensive update that looks beautiful on your desktop or mobile device. With our editorially curated Daily Briefing, you’ll be up-to-date with the latest headlines and informed with the main issues facing your organisation and industry. 

5. Easy to read and navigate

The professional, clean design of Briefings makes reading across any device a breeze. More than just a summary – Daily Briefings are conveniently organised into sections to present the information in a concise and digestible way. An executive summary, key statistics, industry overview, and more can be added to your briefing so you can have an additional layer of intelligence into the topics you want to stay across.

Daily Briefings allows you to focus on your organisation, a particular industry or societal hot topic for a series of weeks or months. They’re a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of a specific topic that may impact the market or your organisation.

How Daily Briefings is different

In times of crisis, Isentia supports and assists organisations to navigate through challenging times and the onset of COVID-19 has been no different. Since the beginning of COVID-19, we have provided our clients with a complimentary COVID-19 Daily Briefing to help make sense of the abundance of media coverage. Our Briefing has helped organisations stay informed in a time when uncertainty is high and staying up to date is of the utmost importance. Our clients have expressed their gratitude for our complimentary value add services during COVID-19 as you can see below:  

“Big thanks to the team for giving us this incredible level of dedicated support. With so much happening in the news at the moment, it is a big job trying to manage what is going on and making sure we are keeping our stakeholders abreast of what is happening.” C&K -The Creche and Kindergarten Association.

“The cleverly crafted COVID-19 Daily Briefings from Isentia have been my saviour.” CoreLogic making the most of our editorially curated COVID-19 Daily Briefings to cut through the noise and to continue to support its customers during these challenging times.

Daily Briefings is a great way to get a curated summary of your media coverage delivered directly to your inbox every morning. 

If you would like to discover how Daily Briefings can inform and power your organisation, get in touch with us www.isentia.com/daily-briefings.


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