Mediaportal is the cloud-based platform that delivers your news as it happens across any and all channels, providing live updated analytics, keeping you connected via a constantly updated media database, and allowing you to export branded reports – from anywhere, at anytime, with a single login.

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A simple experience on the surface while taking care of the complex.

Report builder

Demonstrate effectiveness in the time it takes to make a coffee.


Gain a complete view of your business through media intelligence.

Plus full-service media and public relations expertise

Our PR veterans can help you deliver your message to the public and enhance your

media exposure

Connect with the local Hong Kong market, wider Asia market and internationally through our

extensive network

Feel confident when collaborating with our experienced professionals who have held

over 600 events

Uncover the whole story.

Coverage is your window into relevant, integrated media items that can help accelerate decisions and drive your organisation forward.

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Stay ahead of the game.

Timing is everything. News won’t wait until you’re at your desk - and in today’s world it’s unlikely to wait for you to take action before it starts spreading.

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